Hagia Marina Foundation

In the year of 2018 in Poland originated the sororial organisation - "Hagia Marina" Foundation, in order to accomplish even more effectively the statuatory purpouses and the mission which is spuring us into action.

The Hagia Marina Foundation (FHM) is an organization specializing in activities for education, professional development, promotion of culture, and national and ethnic minorities. In addition, FHM is closely related to Greece, acting to develop bilateral contacts and implementing humanitarian aid projects for refugees and migrants with its partners. Since 2018, FHM has organized over 20 thematic camps in Greece for children, youth and seniors from Poland, during which topics related to world history, archeology, cultural studies and ethnology were carried out. Moreover, FHM also organizes workshops and trainings for young people at risk of social exclusion, and for representatives of the community of national and ethnic minorities. Due to the main area of FHM’s activity in the Podlasie region, in each implemented project the emphasis is placed on multiculturalism and counteracting social and cultural exclusion. For several years, FHM has also been involved in national regional exchanges of pupils, students and seniors, which rely on the implementation of a multicultural educational program “learning through life”, which facilitates the activization of local communities and broadening cultural horizons. The educational offer also includes elements related to more broad strategy of the region - modern technologies or renewable energy sources. The key people involved in the project have many years of experience in the implementation of educational and cultural projects, particularly involving inclusive education and cooperation with people from multicultural and multi-ethnic backgrounds. Moreover, coaches and trainers involved in the project have experience in working with children and young people coming from areas with limited access to civilization goods.