Common Paths

- is a vocational education project involving interdisciplinary vocational education of teachers and teaching staff from the Podlasie Voivodship who have professional contact with students from particularly vulnerable groups. Among these groups, the phenomenon of exposure to exclusion and marginalization is often observed, and it is particularly intense among indigenous national and ethnic minorities [NEM] (Belarusian,
Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian, Romani), economic migrants from Belarus and Ukraine (in the first and second generation) and refugees (mainly from Chechnya, Ukraine and Kosovo).

As part of the project there will be
implemented mobilities in Podlasie region
as well as interregional, and a study visit to Norway.

The substantive program will be based on cross-cultural issues supplemented with aspects of psychology and special education. The main idea is ”learning through life” and the sentence ”travels educate”, therefore the mobility will take place
outside the regions of work and residence of the participants so that they can draw as many program solutions from other regions with a similar social structure.

The aim of the project is to increase the professional competences
of teaching staff

through training, workshops and study visits for increasing sensitivity to other cultural codes,
social and religious sensitivity, and taking actions for social inclusion.